Thursday, June 30, 2016


Today I want to share a card I made using a new ATS stamp. As many of you know I love music. I listen to just about everything and love to bop around when I'm creating. This stamp I just fell in love with as soon as I saw it and wanted to make something right away. 
Using my new bright color splashes and this pretty stamp I created this card. I use to live in headphones back in the day and now I live with my iPod blasting my music. I love seeing the tree growing from  the guitar and really believe in the saying. I hope you enjoy today's card. Tomorrow is the big day when all of you get to finally see the new catalog. You can contact me for a copy at 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Natural Wonder

Today I'm having fun with my new splash colors and the Natural Wonder's stamp set. I started off spraying into my craft may some sour lemon, electric line and turbo teal.  I then took a piece of watercolor paper and stayed it with water. I sprayed some water into my color splashes to help them blend a little more and then layer my paper on the color splashes. This makes a beautiful watercolor background. I then took a piece of plastic wrap and layed it on top before it dried to add a little texture to it. When you lift it off it will remove a little bit of the ink. Next I stamped my deer with clear pigment ink and embossed it with my silver embossing powder. I just love how this popped on the card.

Finally I added a couple of layers and some blue and green thread to finish off the card. I hope you will try making these background pieces. You can make several at one time and they will all look different. These colors and stamps will all be available starting July 1st. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sunset flight

Today I'm sharing another card I had fun making by using my pan pastels. I started with lemon drop on the bottom center of my card. Then because the pan pastels can be blended and won't contaminate, I was able to take a swipe of lemon drop and citrus cooler to blend the two as the next step. I then added a layer of just citrus cooler to deepen my sunset. Doubling up on my tool I combined citrus cooler with candy apple for the next layer. Then finally I added candy apple alone to deepen the sunset. I then took some whip cream to draw in some clouds.
Stamping the airplane and sentiment in hazelnut blend show off the sunset flight. I added some cranberry bliss and citrus cooler splashes to finish off the image. I hope you will join me in making this card at This n That on July 19th. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Spring Bouqet

Today I'm sharing another sneak peak of our new set Spring Bouquet.  For this card I had fun with our new Confectionary Days Pan Pastel set.  The technique featured today was stamping with our clear pigment ink stamp pad with the solid flower base.  We then will rub our bubble gum pan pastel on top so it grabs that color and stands our from our Cool Pool background.  We then stamped on top with some flower details with Sweet Berry.  This is a fun way to make your own backgrounds.
I finished the card off with a sentiment from the new set Happy Sentiments, a few rhinestones, bubble gum silks and some ribbon and a wood button.  We will also be making this card in my next Fun Stampers Journey class on July 19th at This N That.  I can't wait to share the new catalog with all of you. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

June's Bloom Box

Today I'm sharing my cards from the June bloom box. I wanted to change them up a little because I wanted to use my Pan Pastels to color each card. 
The pan pastels are so soft and look like velvet when blended. I love that they are erasable also. I used the tools to color each pot in and was able to take a basic white eraser to remove the places where I went outside the lines. July 1st you can start ordering the pan pastels. In order to get this great bloom box you would need to sign up before the end of June or wait 4 months and then you can order the stamp set. Enjoy

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Today I want to share a Father's Day card I made. I had fun using a new set that's coming out in the new catalog starting July 1, 2016. We have partnered with Pan Pastels and I am having a blast with them. I colored my image with the Mother Nature set of pan pastels. 
I also added the Mother Nature Prints paper pack. The image is from one of my favorites of the new releases, Sophisticated Animals. 
I just love this set. So many ideas immediately came to mind when I saw it. It also doesn't hurt when you have an elephant in the mix. I also used a sentiment from another new set coming out Bike Like. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day.  I hope you enjoy my card and let me know if you want to see more sneak peaks from the new catalog. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Voyage Bound

Today I want to share another card I made using a new ATS from the Spring into Summer mini catalog.  Voyage Bound was a fun image to color.  I decided I would use my Prisma color pencils again on Oatmeal cardstock.  I really love how the pencils look on the paper.
For this card I wanted to make my own pattern paper.  I took a larger block and placed the various sentiments from the Anchor Me stamp set in different directions. I then stamped it a few times and took the individual sentiments to fill in what didn't line up originally.  I then stamped the anchor in Oatmeal cookie for a subtle pattern to the words.  I colored the stars using the denim days and candy apple inks.  I added a little journey glaze to the lighthouse glass and a dot of silver silks on the wheel.

Friday, June 10, 2016

My First Tie Dye shirts

As many of you know I love tie dye.  I have had shirts for years that I love but I have actually never made one myself.  For our Bliss Roadies group we decided we would make a tie dye shirt to wear on one of the days at convention.  I made 2 shirts using our journey sprays.  I first had to decide what design I wanted to attempt.  I went with a spiral design.  Method number 1 used a dry shirt spun into a spiral from the center of the shirt.  I then added 3 rubberbands to hold it all in place.  This made separate wedges to apply the different colors to.  I used our new Sprays from the Be Amazing tour so my colors would be very bright and vibrant.  I sprayed each wedge with a different color on both sides of the shirt.  I then took a bottle of water and poured it on each wedge to help get the color to blend and cover more of the shirt.
I then hung the shirt up to dry outside.  Once it was mostly dry I threw it in the dryer and then ironed it to heat set the color.

For my second shirt I started with a wet shirt.  This would help the color bleed more and blend with each other.  I again made my spiral disc and added the rubber bands to hold it in place.  I used my sprays again to color each wedge on both sides.  I poured water again but it didn't need that much this time because the shirt was already pretty damp to begin with.  As I poured the water you could see the color blend with the color next to it.  Once I was done I cut the rubberbands off and opened up my shirt.  I loved it immediately.  Because this shirt was so wet I laid it flat on the table with the bottom hanging of the edge of the table.  You can see how the colors ran and blended with each other as the water drained from the shirt.  I then hung it up in the sun to help it dry out so it wasn't dripping water anymore.  Once it was damp to the touch I put it in the dryer again and then heat set it with an iron.  
You can see this shirt has very little white space between the colors.  I love how they both came out.  The colors are so vibrant and bold.  I want to tie dye everything now.  I love that I could use my Journey Sprays in a different way.  I can't wait for everyone to see it at convention.  I hope you all have fun with your stamping supplies using them on mediums you don't normally think about.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Yellow Submarine

Today I want to share a card I made with our new ATS stamp An Adventure.  As soon as I saw this stamp I knew I had to color it yellow.  I also did what I know you all are doing now which is singing the song in your head also.  LOL  I used my prisma color pencils to color it on Oatmeal cardstock.  Adding some of our new 6x6 nautical adventures paper pack I made a 6x6 card.
I added some of the mini candy dots to add bubbles coming from the sub as well as journey glaze.  I also added some journey glaze to the windows.  I colored the wood star using the denim days ink pad.  I used the circle cutout to appear like we are looking through one of the windows on a sub into the ocean.  I then used the piercing element to help draw the focus to the sub. I added the sentiment to finish off the look.  I hope you like it. You still have time to get the stamp set, paper and the wood stars.  They are all available through the month of June.  Enjoy

Saturday, June 4, 2016

June Planner pages

Today I want to share my June planner dashboard.  I had fun using my new Be Amazing papers.  I am so excited for convention next week that I wanted to make this month all about the Journey.
I just love the stars and the bright colors.  I'm ready to close out the current catalog year out with a bang and get ready for the new catalog starting in July.  Here is a sneak peak of what is to come next month in the new catalog.  
I use the stars to remind me to shine bright this month and splattered the silks to add some fun texture to my calendar.

Join the fun was the perfect sentiment for this week because Convention starts on the 8th.  It's going to be a blast so I will definitely be joining in on the fun.

Amazing would definitely be next because I already know the new catalog will be amazing and I will be planning great things to share with all of you.

Finally to end the month with Project Me will help keep me motivated to finish the year strong and give me that last push to try and earn the incentive trip from the company. I hope you are having fun with your planners.  Its a great way to be creative and set yourself up with fun pages to keep you organized and on track to reach all your goals.