Friday, June 10, 2016

My First Tie Dye shirts

As many of you know I love tie dye.  I have had shirts for years that I love but I have actually never made one myself.  For our Bliss Roadies group we decided we would make a tie dye shirt to wear on one of the days at convention.  I made 2 shirts using our journey sprays.  I first had to decide what design I wanted to attempt.  I went with a spiral design.  Method number 1 used a dry shirt spun into a spiral from the center of the shirt.  I then added 3 rubberbands to hold it all in place.  This made separate wedges to apply the different colors to.  I used our new Sprays from the Be Amazing tour so my colors would be very bright and vibrant.  I sprayed each wedge with a different color on both sides of the shirt.  I then took a bottle of water and poured it on each wedge to help get the color to blend and cover more of the shirt.
I then hung the shirt up to dry outside.  Once it was mostly dry I threw it in the dryer and then ironed it to heat set the color.

For my second shirt I started with a wet shirt.  This would help the color bleed more and blend with each other.  I again made my spiral disc and added the rubber bands to hold it in place.  I used my sprays again to color each wedge on both sides.  I poured water again but it didn't need that much this time because the shirt was already pretty damp to begin with.  As I poured the water you could see the color blend with the color next to it.  Once I was done I cut the rubberbands off and opened up my shirt.  I loved it immediately.  Because this shirt was so wet I laid it flat on the table with the bottom hanging of the edge of the table.  You can see how the colors ran and blended with each other as the water drained from the shirt.  I then hung it up in the sun to help it dry out so it wasn't dripping water anymore.  Once it was damp to the touch I put it in the dryer again and then heat set it with an iron.  
You can see this shirt has very little white space between the colors.  I love how they both came out.  The colors are so vibrant and bold.  I want to tie dye everything now.  I love that I could use my Journey Sprays in a different way.  I can't wait for everyone to see it at convention.  I hope you all have fun with your stamping supplies using them on mediums you don't normally think about.

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