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Friday, February 24, 2017

February Bloom box

Today I'm sharing the cards from this months bloom box.  I think this has been my favorite set.  I just love the butterfly and how they showed us to use it to make a background.  For the first card you can see I used 2 colors to make the abstract background and then watercolored in the butterfly on top using our Color Splash pencils.

For the second card I added some color to the embossed piece to give it a little more depth.  I love how they showed us to make the butterfly look like it is resting with wings together on the oval piece on the card.  
The third card was also a fun way to show off the color splash pencils and how much color you can get from them.  I then added some splatters with my paintbrush to finish off the card. It was another way to get the look of the silks but with the colors I used to paint the butterfly.
The final card showed us how to use our sticker sheets to make the butterfly a glitter filled beauty.,  Its a fun way to learn how to make any of your images into their own glitter images.  We also used the butterfly to make our own pattern on the background of the card again.  I love gray and pink together. I can't wait to try this technique on may other images.
I hope you have already signed up for the bloom box.  You still have time to get started with this set. The bloom box is $24.95 each month and you get a full stamp set, 4 card kits, an instruction booklet and a video that will show you a special technique used to make one of the cards.  They are great for future card ideas and to help you build your card stash each month.  I like use the ideas from each kit to make cards with other stamp sets and the same layouts or same color combos.  You can sign up for the bloom box on my website at you can then click on Bloom box and sign up.

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